How to Give the Best Nuru Massage to Your Partner

If you want to give a great sensual massage in London to your partner, you need to know the basics. You need to prepare the tools and set the stage before you can start. Purchasing a set of nuru sheets may be pricey. If you cannot afford them, you can use rubber sheets instead.

Can I Have A Nuru Massage With My Partner?

First, use the Nuru massage gel. It is a water-based, colorless gel that is easy to apply. Alternatively, you can use Nuru massage oil, which has a subtle scent of ylang-ylang and mandarin. This oil will leave the skin feeling silky smooth and relaxes the recipient. Be careful not to use the gel on condoms.

A good Nuru massage should include different parts of your body. It should include the elbows, genitals, and nipples. You can also view videos online to learn more about the art of giving this massage. To create the right rhythm, you should also use background music or ambient sounds.

You don’t have to buy a special device. Nuru gel can be used on any silicone vibrator or other foreplay tool. You can also use the gel after masturbation, or in a steamy bath. In either case, it’s important to remove any unwanted oils and clean the partner’s skin thoroughly with a warm towel.

Remember to communicate with your partner. You should pay attention to your partner’s body language, and ask them for their favorite areas. Your goal is to make your partner happy and confident. A good massage will build confidence in both of you.

A good Nuru massage begins with a smooth glide along the recipient’s front. Next, the masseur should maintain close contact with the recipient while working on the knots and tendon. This will increase the recipient’s arousal. The masseur should then run his or her hands along the curves of the recipient’s spine, and drag the nipples over the skin. In addition, men should use their penis, but be careful not to bend it.

How To Get Started With Nuru Massage

Nuru massage, an ancient Japanese massage, emphasizes full body contact. This technique is very popular as a foreplay technique. It can provide an intensely erotic experience, even without the need to have intercourse with a partner. The touch is usually centered around erogenous areas, and the technique is designed to use the whole body. A special substance is used to stimulate these zones.

First, apply Nuru gel to your partner’s skin. To learn how to massage, you can also view videos of Nuru massage. To create the right mood, use ambient sounds and music. You should also make sure to make the experience as playful as possible for both of you.

While performing the massage, you and your partner should remain attentive to the feelings of each other. Ask your partner how each part of your body feels so you can adjust your techniques accordingly. For example, your partner may need to lean forward so you can feel her breast area.

Then, you should use your feet and legs to massage her upper back. During the massage, your partner may feel tingling sensations as your hands and feet gently massage her back. Nuru massage is a very sensual experience that combines fun with intimacy and is a great way to connect with your partner.

You should ensure that the massage is done in a relaxing and warm environment. It’s also helpful to use scented candles or diffuse essential oils for aromatherapy. If you feel uncomfortable with the smell, you can also offer your partner some snacks to eat during the massage.

Prepare the kits

Nuru massage can be used by anyone, regardless of sexual orientation. This massage is unlike other types, as it involves direct contact with the body. It can be a very relaxing experience that can help you both relax. It is also an excellent choice for couples, as it can help diversify the sexual life of both partners. Nuru massage can also help relieve stress, tighten skin and relax muscles.

Nuru is a Japanese word that means “paint.” In this massage, you’ll apply oil to your partner’s skin with a long, gliding motion. You’ll work your way from the top of his or her head down to the tips of their fingers. You’ll find endless combinations and variations to make your partner feel pampered. It’s best if one person holds onto a post and remains stationary while the other performs the massage.

The Nuru gel needs to be warm before you begin the massage. This gel is made specifically for the Nuru massage. It is safe and affordable for all skin types. However, it’s best to use a sexual lubricant instead. Nuru gels are not intended for sex.

To give the best Nuru massage to your partner, prepare the kits and practice with each other before giving the massage. The experience will be more enjoyable for you both if you have the right tools. Remember that Nuru massage can flow into erotic acts and can be used as an intense foreplay. You should ensure that your room is comfortable and warm. If possible, cover the bed with a waterproof sheet and place a few old towels on the floor. Your partner will respond to your repeated cares.

Make sure to thoroughly clean the gel before you start your Nuru massage. It will make the massage more enjoyable and increase the intimacy between you and your partner. The gel will help the masseuse move over the recipient’s body with ease. When performed correctly, the Nuru massage technique will make your partner feel physically lavished.

Set up the stage

A Nuru massage is a great experience for your partner. However, it is important to set the right stage in order to have a successful massage. This type of massage involves gliding your body up and down your partner’s body, focusing on sensitive areas such as the buttocks and lower back. As you work your way up and down their back, try to use circular motions and up and down motions.

After applying the gel, it is important to clean your partner’s body. This will enhance the body-to-body feel of the massage. Include elbows and nipples. You can also watch videos online to help you learn the correct technique. It is also a good idea to play background music. Ambient sounds can help you set the pace of your massage.

When giving a Nuru massage to your partner, make sure you keep eye contact. This is important because Nuru massage is all about sensual contact and communication. You might even use a towel to make a pillow. This is a great way for your partner to feel more relaxed and intimate.

It is essential to create the right environment for a Nuru Massage. If you want the experience to be as pleasurable as possible, the environment should be romantic. A room that is warm, but not hot, is ideal. You can also use a vinyl blow-up bed.

When giving a Nuru massage, make sure your partner is relaxed and comfortable. This means that your partner should not be disturbed and that both of your phones are off. You should also play music that creates a calming and immersive environment. Remember to get your partner’s full consent and have an open, frank discussion about what boundaries are appropriate.

Be Confident

You should massage your partner with a Nuru massage. This will help you apply more pressure. It’s also good to get your partner wet beforehand. You can play music to make them relax, too. Remember to breathe deeply. A Nuru massage is meant to relax the body and mind of the recipient.

You should do full-body massages, and do not focus on specific areas, such as the penis, nipples, or vagina. You should also avoid touching the crease where the thigh connects to the pelvis. If your partner feels uncomfortable, you can change your movements.

A Nuru massage can be sensual, but can also be intimate depending on your partner’s level of comfort. A Nuru massage is often performed on a naked person. It is important to understand that this type of massage is not meant for penetration, but rather to make your partner feel comfortable. It is best to use a lubricant and a carrier oil. You can use jojoba oil, almond oil, or olive oil as a carrier oil. Make sure to dilute essential oils to a level that is not irritating your partner. For adults, the recommended dosage is one drop of essential oil to ten ounces of carrier oil.

Choose a private room to begin your Nuru massage. You should also ensure your partner is in a position where they are comfortable enough to lie face down. You might consider covering them with a sheet if they are shy. Then, dim the lights and play soothing music. You don’t have to use spa music. However, it should be soothing to your partner. To create a relaxed atmosphere, an essential oil diffuser can be used to add fragrant aromas to your air.


How to Give the Best Nuru Massage to Your Partner
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